8 steps to start your import-export business


Are you interested in doing business with the rest of the world? It is not a bad idea, because now thanks to free trade agreements and the facilities provided by technology, you can start your venture with this type of business. Thanks to the Internet, creating an import or export business can be simpler than you thought and very profitable.  Here are some basics to get you started:

1. Select a company name and create a website and blog.

Without a website or a blog, you cannot have an import or export business network.  Build a platform that allows you to develop an online presence and grow your business.  The goal is to balance the flow of communications, selling products and building your customer base to boost your international business profits.

First, remember to register your business name with a reputable web hosting provider. Then consult with an international trade lawyer and an accountant for advice on setting up virtual import-export business.

2. Choose a product to import or export

When it comes to importing and exporting, the product chosen cannot be for every customer.  You must decide on something and stick to it. If you saw something in another part of the world that you would like to sell to your market, you should first conduct market research to find out if there is a good market of buyers.

3. Find the right market

If you have already selected a product, now you need to find somewhere to sell it. You will improve your chances of choosing a good market if you cultivate a special ability to follow current or potential trends.

You must do your homework to study the market before locating the best external or internal niche for your product or service. Two places to check for trends are the World Bank and Global Edge.

4. Get a supplier

The easiest access to reputable suppliers may be Alibaba, Global Sources, Thomas Register. There are other sites, what's more, on Google, through forums, even on social media you can research for suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, importers, buyers, wholesalers and potential trade customers.

5. Product pricing

The business model for an import or export company is based on two fundamental elements within an international buying and selling operation:

  First Volume (number of units sold).

 Second Commission on that volume.

The objective is that the price of your product (which implies your commission) is not higher than what the customer is willing to pay. Typically, importers and exporters have a mark-up of 10% to 15% over cost, which is the price the manufacturer charges. Keep the price of the products separate from the logistics, since, at some point, they will combine the two to mine deter a price put per unit.  A good shipping company can help here.  Don't let this part intimidate you!

6.  Find customers

As long as you have done a good job with search engine optimisation on your blog or website, as well as promotion in other media, customers will find you. However, you can't rely on this alone, you must go on the hunt for clients. Consult with local contacts to go into trade organisations, chambers of commerce, embassies and trade consulates.  There you can find lists of specific contacts.

Don't forget to exploit the possibilities offered by Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. The point is to keep your business in the minds of potential customers worldwide.

7. Transporting your products

The next step is to concentrate on product transport logistics. At this point, you have already located a customer who loves your product, consolidated sales terms and prices. Now you have to move your product.

You can look into different transport options, such as companies specialising in medium or heavy freight shipments (depending on the size of the product). There are services that specialise in global export and import cargo. What you should consider, apart from the price, is the guarantee they offer.

8. Provide excellent customer service worldwide

The relationship between you and your overseas customer should not end when a sale is made.  If anything, more of your attention is required. Think about your after-sales service, which should consist of follow-up.  The first step is to say thank you, either in person, via Skype, email or telephone.


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Four tips for starting a wholesale business

If you don't want to deal with retail sales, wholesale business is a good option. Here are some useful tips that can be used to ensure that your wholesale business is truly successful.

Wholesalers are an important part of the entire supply and retail chain for consumer products. It is always advisable to buy from a wholesaler to meet the needs of any business, taking advantage of the best prices in the market and making a profit by selling these products to customers.

Determine the market for your wholesale business

You will need to conduct market research to determine the ideal market for your product. You will need to find distributors, shop owners and other customers who can buy the products from you.

This may be the best starting point, but it is also the step that is most often omitted. It is good to know what you want to sell and how much money you want to make. But this may not be realistic.

When you start building a brand, you should also check out the competition, which can often be very aggressive when it comes to wholesale business. Make sure you know the products, the prices and the quality of the services they provide.

Determine your office and warehouse location

Another important aspect to determine is where to locate the business. In big cities, sometimes appropriate space is so scarce and expensive that you may have to separate the office and warehouse.

Always keep in mind to look for and hire efficient and honest employees. Sometimes it is even preferable to hire family members to ensure that your inventory is not lost or stolen.

Identify your supplier

You should contact manufacturers who are willing for you to become their product wholesaler. Companies usually have sales targets that must be met, so you should think carefully about these before deciding on a manufacturer.

Another thing to consider is quality. You want to offer customers the best products on the market, which means you have to provide them with high quality products. Do you have a minimum order quantity, what is your price and what is the discount?

In some cases, if they are not willing to supply the products directly to you, you should contact the company's distributors. In this case, the profit margin will be different, so you should consider these calculations before continuing with that supplier.

Take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of the wholesale business.


Bulk purchase discount, buy more and save more.
Before selling the product, check the product.
You can control the whole process better
You can add a thank you letter or season's greeting.
You can track inventory levels easily and quickly

You often have to order large quantities
Need a place to keep inventory
There can be more costs (overheads, packaging, staffing, etc.)
There are some risks and there is no guarantee that you will sell the product when you buy it.


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Learn how to travel smart with these 10 tips.


In the end, it doesn't matter where you go, but what you will do while you are there. So here are 10 tips to travel smart and have stories to tell, not just pictures.

1. Never forget "More cities and fewer countries is better". When having the opportunity to travel many people prefer those tours where they visit many countries, in the end they don't know anything and only see the places passing by. The best thing to do is to visit one or two countries and find out about their culture, important cities and little-known places.

2. Look for what you like and not what they want you to see. It is very typical to tell someone that you are travelling to a certain country and start hearing that you should take pictures or visit the most famous places, museums or squares. However, the most important thing is to please yourself, i.e. if you don't like museums why should you go to one in another country. If you love food, look for unique restaurants, if you love music, go to a concert. REMEMBER, never be afraid to be a traveller, because there are many tourists.

3. Don't miss out on discounts and coupons. Be useful and smart and never miss out on discounts at hotels, restaurants and local attractions. So don't forget your official IDs, as they can be very useful during your trip. Another tip is to visit websites of places you want to visit in advance and get information.

4. Another smart saving tip is to travel in low season. When work permits, it is better to travel outside the holiday season. Not only because prices are more affordable, but also because it's not crowded. Spring and autumn are perfect in most destinations.

5. A cheap hotel may not be the best option. The saying "cheap is expensive" applies and it's true, as a budget hotel often doesn't include features that will help you save money in the end. First look for a good location, (you save on transport), second look for breakfast and WiFi (you will save a lot of money).

6. Get local to the place. The word to apply at all times is "DISCOVER" and when travelling it will be a great help when you are inclined to eat local. Forget the chains, cafés or classic restaurants and allow yourself to experiment on the journey. The surprises are great in the end.

7. Travel light. Always try to travel with what you need and if it's a long trip, opt for washing clothes. Otherwise, carrying heavy backpacks translates into discomfort, extra fees for excess baggage and space.

Check out these 5 reasons to take a road trip for the first time. 

8. The "guilty pleasure". But not everything is about saving money, at least one night or day on the trip, try to treat yourself, and I mean eating in a good place, the key is always to apply "I deserve it because I am important". Get dressed up, book and enjoy the best for a day.

9. Special gifts. It is well said that a good gift reflects the attention you put into choosing it and wearing the typical "Made in...", key rings or cards are no good and you should stay away from them. Look for something special and original from the region, such as a garment they won't find anywhere else or a special handicraft. There are thousands of possibilities, you just have to look for them.

10. Be responsible at all times. And I mean all the words that carry the word RESPONSIBILITY and know the differences between a traveller and a tourist. Always make sure that your presence somewhere is helpful and has as little negative impact as possible. Remember that behind you and in front of you, there are thousands of travellers who enjoyed and will enjoy the trip.

So, if you are a travel addict and consider yourself a "frequent flyer", start collecting airline miles, hotel points and never hesitate to use them. Taking advantage of the pleasure of travel and receiving rewards is an option to save wisely and use it to live another adventure.


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How to study for an exam in a short time?

We have all been in this situation at least once: we have an important exam the next day for which we have not studied at all and we are faced with the challenge of learning everything we need to know in one day to pass it.
While this is a difficult task, it is not impossible. In this article we share with you our best tips to help you pass that difficult exam, whether it's a regular exam, a special exam, an English exam, a maths exam or any other subject.

Tips for passing an exam in a short time
Prepare the right environment for your study session.
Before starting your study session, make sure you have a suitable environment so that you can concentrate properly and make the most of the time you have available to prepare:
Choose a calm and quiet place where you have everything you need at hand:

Internet access
Adequate lighting
A nearby toilet
A comfortable seat
Having a suitable environment will help you avoid being distracted and allow you to concentrate as much as possible while going over your notes.

2. Eliminate possible distractions
To achieve an optimal level of concentration we advise you to do the following:

Keep your mobile phone switched off or away, let your friends and family know that you will be busy studying and ask them to only dial or text you if it is really necessary.
Choose a quiet, uncrowded place such as a library, your room, a coffee shop, etc.
Listen to quiet music that helps you relax and concentrate, such as instrumental or classical music.
3. Study with a partner
One of the best things you can do to study more efficiently is to study with a partner, so you can compare notes, information and ask each other questions after your study session to reaffirm the knowledge you have acquired during your study session.
It is only important that you concentrate and really focus on studying, if the person you choose as a study partner and you are friends or are not good at concentrating it can be counterproductive to study together.

4. Read aloud while studying
Read aloud your notes while studying. By receiving information through two channels (auditory and visual) you can achieve a higher level of retention. This helps you to understand and memorise information more efficiently.
You can also record yourself reading the information and then listen to your recordings. This technique is especially effective if you are an auditory learner.

5. Take good notes and make concept maps 
If you are a visual learner, we recommend that you make concept maps, summary tables and diagrams to support you when you study. This will provide you with two very important benefits:

By making them you will be helping your brain to create associations to remember data more easily.
They are an excellent material to quickly review information.
6. Do a quick review 1 hour before the exam.
This point is extremely important. Set aside some time and arrive early to the classroom where you will take your exam so that you have a chance for a final review, take your notes, your recordings, concept maps and go over all the information one last time before the exam.
This will help you to have the information fresh in your mind and feel more confident and less nervous when you take the exam.

7. Take private tutoring
While studying alone or in a group with your classmates is an excellent strategy to review your knowledge the day before that important exam, if you want to be confident and learn more efficiently, we recommend taking private English lessons with teachers who are experts in the subject you need to pass.
A private teacher knows study techniques and methods for quick memorisation and you can discuss all your doubts with them before taking the exam.
We hope this article will help you prepare for this important exam and achieve your study goals.


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Akashic Records: benefits and possibilities of consultation!

Akashic Records Therapy is one of the most powerful tools available on the planet.

Through it we can access records of the past, identifying experiences where we had problems, especially those of an emotional nature that sometimes leave deep traces in our unconscious.

Accessing these records allows us to bring light and consciousness to these events that manifest themselves in our lives in the form of traumas, blockages and conflicts that impede the natural flow of existence.

A Reading of the Akashic Records also allows us to access promises or contracts that we made in the past (because they made sense at the time), but which at the time of the Now become obstacles, hindrances so that we can fulfil our Life Purpose.

The greatest benefits that Akashic Records Therapy can provide are

Release of traumas, conflicts, fears and blockages;
Dissolving contracts and promises that hinder the natural flow of life;
Direct help from our own Soul with messages of support, help and guidance for our growth and evolution;
Access and understand the origin of certain emotions that we feel and cannot understand where they come from;
Deep peace and emotional freedom.
The Akashic Records session: questions from the soul!
In the Akashic Records Reading the Soul only releases what is asked and what the person is prepared to hear. Especially because everything is spoken in sacred terms and with the sole intention of promoting evolution. In other words, the Soul respects one's time, including fears and resistances. 

In Akashic Records Therapy you can ask whatever you feel is necessary to find your balance and inner peace. You can also ask about any patterns of behaviour (that you feel are causing impasses in your life) as well as decisions that you need to make for your own well-being and that of everyone around you. 

It is important to emphasize: without questions there are no answers and above all: the clearer and more assertive the questions, the clearer the answers will be.

ALMA's answers bring liberation and healing of traumas and conflicts. They dissolve contracts and limiting beliefs. They produce the peace and balance necessary for the evolutionary process.  They are a unique opportunity for cleansing, growth and evolution.

Remembering, that WHATEVER comes out of your Soul connection, will be for your greatest good and that of everyone around you physically or etherically. This will generate changes that will give you and yours a much more harmonious and happy life! 

So my Akashic Records Reading therapy session takes place in three stages:

  1. Previous to the consultation you need to send 3 (three) questions (by email) that you want to ask your Soul. On the day of the consultation you can ask more questions, within the maximum time limit of two hours;
    The Reading of the Akashic Records, which takes place in a space of serenity and peace, starting with a Prayer to the Masters of the Akashic Records to access them. It lasts up to two hours, where we receive answers to questions and guidance from your Soul;
    A week later we have a new session lasting up to 60 minutes (1 hour), in which we will do a session of balancing your energetic grid, to support and accommodate the revelations arising from the Reading of the Akashic Records.
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Why it is important to invest in medical research 


In recent years, medical research has produced some groundbreaking achievements: AIDS, for example, was a deadly disease in the 1980s and 1990s.

Today, the HIV virus that causes it can be kept in check with effective drugs so that the disease neither breaks out nor the virus is contagious. Another example is hepatitis C: what is still a dream of the future with HIV is already reality here: the formerly severe, chronic liver disease can now be completely cured with highly effective therapies, and that for almost all those affected. In Germany, this has already led to a considerable reduction in liver transplants just a few years after the new drugs became available, which benefits the patients and at the same time relieves the burden on the health system. Such success stories are generally only possible because research-based pharmaceutical companies like AbbVie stay on the ball - sometimes for decades. And also accept setbacks in the process.

Research from a medical perspective

I myself am a rheumatologist by profession and here, too, there has been a paradigm shift in the treatment of patients, e.g. with chronic inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis, since the early 2000s. Some patients who were wheelchair-bound were even able to move relatively normally again and manage their daily lives independently thanks to the then new class of drugs called biologics. Due to the great successes, the therapy goals became more ambitious, and through increasingly early treatment, it was possible to prevent secondary damage in many cases. But: even today, this does not apply to all patients. In about 30% of people with active disease, the rheumatologist has to change the first biologic because the disease activity cannot be satisfactorily controlled. And for some other chronic diseases, there are still no drugs that doctors can use to slow, stop or reverse the disease activity of their patients. Despite significant medical progress, there was and still is a great need for new, innovative therapies. From a patient perspective alone, it is therefore crucial that research continues - and that is what we are doing at AbbVie.

Research as a pillar of growth for the economy

How do you assess the relevance of research as an economic factor? Investments in research and development are a basic prerequisite for innovation. Especially in a country like Germany, which has comparatively few natural resources and agricultural land, scientific know-how and investments in high technology have always been decisive factors for economic growth. And in a globalised society such as we have today, it is even more important that political framework conditions are created that strengthen the competitiveness of companies. After all, with their gross value added, research-based companies make a significant contribution to strengthening the economy. Politicians have recognised this and want to increase spending on research and development to 3.5 percent of gross domestic product. AbbVie Germany already meets this political target value more than 7-fold with 27 percent. An important field of research is cancer. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Germany and it is increasing in an ageing society. Research into innovative therapies is therefore not only an urgent medical challenge, but also a social challenge that can only be tackled together with all stakeholders. In order to bring them together at one table and thus join forces in the fight against tumour diseases, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has launched the "National Decade against Cancer" in 2019.

Academic and industrial research together

An essential prerequisite for the development of innovative active substances is also that academic and industrial research pull together. Creating a fundamental understanding of disease mechanisms is done to a large extent by academic research. Industrial research also deals with concrete questions for the development of active agents. For example, one of AbbVie's research goals is to transport active substances across the so-called blood-brain barrier into the brain so that they can take effect there - this is crucial in severe nerve diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. To give innovations a chance and make them useful for people with serious diseases, joint efforts are therefore needed. The European Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), the largest public-private partnership in the health sector worldwide, is a good example. Policymakers can support such concepts by increasingly promoting partnering or spin-off concepts and by making it legally possible for pharmaceutical companies to use anonymised patient data for research.


In order to bring about real medical progress and to survive in international competition in research, the right framework conditions are needed that focus on the promotion of continuous research investment and cooperation.


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How to choose the right tool wrench?

Impact wrench, hook wrench,: a variety of tool spanners can be used for opening and closing various mechanical devices or installations. Depending on the use and profession, special wrenches are essential for assembly and disassembly.

Important features
Opening width
Discover our tool wrenches!
Which wrench for which type of use?
Here we provide a quick overview of each type of spanner and the exact jobs they are intended for.

Standpipe nut wrench
A washbasin, bathtub or shower are all equipped with a drainage system. This system contains various parts, one of which is the drain hole. This is the central element for filling or emptying. Above it, the drains are collected and below it, it is connected to the siphon, which is connected to the drain. Assembling or disassembling all these parts for maintenance is not easy. In order to carry out this step easily and quickly, a standpipe nut spanner is needed. Choose a wrench with a removable head, this will press on the drain hole and block it while the wrench can close the central screw or the nuts. The majority of stand-up nut spanners have a double internal thread (which allows you to use them for the majority of drains available on the market); spanner size M8 and M10.

Rotating spanner
These wrenches are used for technical switch boxes. They are mainly used for mechanisms that require a quarter turn. These special keys (often used by industrial companies) come in different shapes (triangular, square, rectangular). 

Wrenches for gas taps 
There are different types of special keys that enable the quick operation of gas taps. The wrenches are used to quickly open and close gas bottles, gas taps or other access pipes in connection with gas.

Sanitary standpipe nut key 
This wrench is specially designed for washbasins and sink units and allows the locking nuts to be easily closed and opened. A rotating axe is connected to a long rod, allowing opening and closing without much physical contortion. Opt for a wrench with different attachments so you can operate different types of locking systems.

Vent key 
This wrench is ideal for opening, closing or retightening taps. These are often universal keys, which is why they can be used with different types of water connections (mixer tap, water tap, etc.).

Self-adjusting wrenches 
Self-adjusting wrenches are very practical and can open and close nuts of different sizes, like an open-end spanner. They are ideal if you don't want to deal with a bunch of different open-end spanners, as this wrench covers all common sizes with one tool: from 9mm to 32mm.

Scaffolding ratchet 
As the name suggests, this is a wrench specifically designed for easy assembly and disassembly of scaffolding. It is similar to a ratchet or torque spanner, but has screw sockets (17, 19 and 22mm) specifically required for scaffolding.Many scaffolding ratchets are multi-purpose tools. They offer different sizes and also an additional function: often there is a hammer piece or even a nail claw at the head of the wrench. Sometimes there is also a handle with which pipes can be straightened. As the fixing points of the scaffolding are often difficult to access, it is advisable to buy a movable wrench.

Double box wrench
The end pieces of the double ring spanner are open. They are primarily intended for removing or installing connecting pieces such as plumbing pipe connections, hydraulic connectors, universal joints, the end pieces of brake systems, etc. The special feature of the wrench is that it makes it easier to enclose the joint (at least hexagonal); compared to a nut wrench (hexagonal). This makes opening and closing easier.

Stillson wrench
This wrench is often very popular with plumbers and mechanics. The Stillson wrench allows a firm and stable grip on a smooth pipe (usually metallic). It works like a pipe wrench (adjustable head mounted on a ratchet) but in contrast has two toothed clamping wheels. The special feature of the Stillson wrench, named after its inventor, is that it has interchangeable and movable jaws. When the clamp is closed, a self-locking effect is created around the tube (thus ensuring a firm grip). For opening, it is also enough to turn the wrench around and in the other direction.Even for a screw head or a damaged nut, the wrench can guarantee a stable grip. The clamps can be opened from a minimum of 60mm to a maximum of 30cm, covering a wide range of common needs.

Chain pipe wrench
This is a special wrench to close smooth pipes with a large circumference (over 50mm). The chain pipe wrench consists of a handle and a chain (type of bicycle chain). The handle is equipped with a claw to which the corresponding chain link (depending on the desired chain length) is attached. The chain provides a high force effect on the outer contour of the tube to enable opening and closing. It is easy for the user to transmit a lot of force with it.This wrench is ideal for removing and installing filter inserts, opening and closing filters (oil and petrol filters) or working with PVC pipes.

When choosing, make sure to choose a reversible spanner, as this allows it to be used in both directions.


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